Now that the hottest days of summer are upon us, it is the perfect time to take advantage of the beautiful waterways in Putnam County. For those of us who do not own a boat there are a few ways to still take advantage of the boating experience.

Fahnestock State Park is the perfect place to spend the last days of summer. The beach at Canopus Lake is known for the scenic sandy shore and many fun activities. Pack a picnic, swim in the lake, go fishing, or even rent a rowboat for the day. To further add to your day of fun, take advantage of the many hiking trails the 14,086 acre park has to offer.

Hudson River Expeditions is a great way to experience a fun new adventure. Explore the majestic Hudson River and rent a paddleboard, kayak or canoe, opt for one of the many tours that accommodate all skill levels. Located in Cold Spring, Hudson River Expeditions offers a unique way to experience the beauty of the Hudson River.

MacDonald Marine in Mahopac is one of the few locations in Putnam County to rent a motor boat. This marina offers Pontoon boats for a maximum of 8 people at a reasonable price. To accommodate every renter there are options for full day rental, half day rental, and a full day charter. While cruising around Mahopac Lake, take advantage of one of the restaurants that have boat slips that you can drive right into. This option the perfect way to enjoy a day on the lake if you don’t have a boat of your own!